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Engle Family Update



This year we went to areas in Georgia and Florida. Specifically, St. Simon’s Island, GA, and St. Augustine, FL. We had an absolutely amazing time, visiting a total of FIVE SIX National Parks in the process! Lena and the kids climbed a lighthouse, Kevin 1 and Kevin 2 went fishing off the dock, and even got to roam around a fort or two. There was a big huge pelican named “The Mayor” who lived very comfortably on the St. Simon’s pier. All six of us had an absolutely grande time!

Hope Heals Camp

In July we attended Hope Heals Camp at Camp McDowell near Jasper, AL. As usually, it was an exceptionally respite from our daily grind. It was such a blessing this year that the kids were able to spend a lot of quality time with Jay Wolf, our forever Pastor who married us. We have known just how wonderful Jay is and it was so great that our kids now have a reference point when we say “Jay said this” or “Jay said that”.

Abigail, Annabella, and Kevin Patrick all went to ReelFest with the choir from FBC Newnan in January 2022.

Abigail and Annabella both went to camp WannaComback

Kevin Patrick and Annabella and I went to Six Flags over Georgia! Unfortunately, I was unable to do anything except sit in my wheelchair, but they seemed to have a great time! It was the first time any of them had ever been on a roller coaster.

Lena enjoyed her early morning walks to see the sunrise. I went with her until it hurt too much due to the horrible condition of my wheelchair.

Abigail: Last year saw Abigail officially enter into High School. WOW! It seems like only yesterday that she was was cradled in my arm with a big smile on her face having just come home from the hospital a week ago. She started Sr. High Choir at FBC Newnan and is currently working to earn money to go on choir tour this Spring. Additionally, she is still involved in American Heritage Girls (AHG).

Annabella- She was active in Junior High Choir, AHG, and we celebrated her THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY this year! For that special occasion, we took her took her to Ashville, NC. One of the things that Annabella did this year was a project for one of her AHG levels. She needed 20 volunteer hours, but in the end I think the final tally was over 200 hours. She worked with various local organizations to put together bags for homeless. Each bag included water bottles, snacks, some packs of Hot Hands, and a special version of “The Gospel of John” produced by the Gideons. It’s really cool!

Kevin Patrick- Active in Junior High Choir, Attended Music Camp aka Surge150 where he gained an interest in the organ and his voice went down three octaves. He also became extremely interested computer programming. Kevin is also very active with his local Trail Life Troop, participating in camping, canoeing, backpacking, and many other activities. Kevin Patrick also likes to do math in bed.

Eleanor Lynne- Great year for LYNNE! What a year for growth! We revamped how we assign the chores to give her more specific work that is more balanced and equitable. We used to have everyone assigned the same amount of chores, no matter their age. The new way provided her less than her siblings because she is the youngest.

Kevin and Lena-- Reading- we have read a few books this year, but not as many as usual. We spent most of our year reading a Biography on the next president on our list, President James Monroe. We began in 4th QTR 2021 and finally finished in June 2022. I think this was the longest it took us to read a book thus far. I could sugar coat it, but the bottom line is that we simply chose an awful biographer and writer. He focused on things that we simply were not interested in.

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